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The Best Books on Blockchain and Crytpocurrency available today

Books on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency become outdated very quickly because of the rapid growth in the technology. So staying up to date with the latest improvements in the industry is very important. We have come up with a list of books that we feel as of today somewhat closely reflects the present situation of the industry.

DISCLAIMER – The books are not ranked and are a matter of personal opinion.

1.The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything by Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna


The authors of the book consider Blockchain technology to be at an important stage of development of all mankind. They ask the question of whether we can utilise the opportunity to develop and build a decentralized and transparent financial system or if we will let the centralized authorities impose criminal restrictions on the whole community. Out of all the books on blockchain and cryptocurrency in this list, this is definitely the one that is suitable for a beginner in this space.

Paul Vigna is a journalist with 25 years of experience. He works for The Wall Street Journal, where he is in charge of an entire sector of blockchain technologies. Paul is a well-known enthusiast of the crypto community. In co-authorship with Michael J. Casey has written another popular book: The Age of Cryptocurrency.

Michael J. Casey is a staff member of MediaLab of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a chairman of the CoinDesk Advisory Council and a journalist with 18 years of experience in Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal.

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2.The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking by Saifedean Ammous

The book highlights the particularities of the technology, its history and the inevitable fact of how and why central institutions will be replaced by financial institutions based on cryptocurrencies.

The Author, Saifedean Ammous is a professor at the Lebanese American University, a lecturer of Economic courses at Udemy.

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3.Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Unlike the other books in the list, this book focuses on the technology behind bitcoin. It provides an in-depth study into the working of blockchain and cryptography. It also tells us about the strength and weaknesses of digital currencies.

The book is recommended for anyone who needs a detailed understanding of the technology behind Bitcoin.

The author, Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a well-known specialist in blockchain technologies. His expert knowledge is confirmed by advanced degrees and his involvement in a number of high-tech companies as a developer, head and a technical consultant.

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4.Blockchain Applications in Finance by Peter Borovykh

The author talks about how blockchain can be implemented in the field of finance and discusses his own ideas of real case uses of the real case uses of the technology. Peter Borovykh is a fintech consultant for the BlochainDriven agency, a specialist in the field of finance and an author of algorithm trade strategies.

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5.ICO: The Ultimate Guide To Investing In ICOs by Ikuya Takashima

An author of this book shares his own experience of investment in the ICO market and describes in detail a mechanism of Initial Coin Offering and teaches how to carry out project assessments; he also tells about the methodology of determining the viability and credibility of an investment project.

The book is a must-read for investors looking to invest in ICO’s. The author, Ikuya Takashima is a software developer, an expert, a businessman, an investor and an enthusiast of the cryptomarket. He has extensive working experience at the cryptocurrency and ICO market.

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